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Bali is a beautiful place and beyond the usual tourist traps is a serene and relaxed lifestyle.

We can offer personalised tours with our reliable staff driver from a 1 day to a 4 day round the island adventure. Villa Kulanrama is located in the cultural centre of Bali surrounded by creative artists and many alternative and diverse pursuits.


If you want an elephant ride or safari experience, cultural dancing or traditional food you only have to ask us. See coffee plantations or wood and stone carvers perform their work, visit temples carved into cliffs or stunning waterfalls.


We have many years experience in the Balinese way of life and also the         best way to make your Balinese experience a memorable one.


We offer this service so you need not worry about touring with an unknown quantity, all our staff are hand picked for their dedication and honesty to 

us here at Villa Kulanrama.

If you do require any tours, please include all your enquiries in your email to us.

 These can be included in your package leaving you to enjoy your Balinese experience without the worry of dealing in a foreign currency.


Tours can be arranged by contacting our manager, Yudi on 081 2390 8840

or alternatively  our other driver, Badung on 0812 397 7816


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